Zac Brown Band || The Owl || TOOLKIT

CUT x CUTS (with transcriptions)


  • Zac Brown Band - The Owl (Album Cover) Download
  • Zac Brown Band - The Woods CutxCut
    Zac: "'The Woods' was so much fun to make. It’s probably my favorite one off of here, it’s got a really fun vibe to it. It’s about letting people be whatever they want to be, whatever side of the fence they want to stand on. It’s about watching them do whatever they want and you do whatever, you do what you do."
  • Zac Brown Band - Need This CutxCut
    Zac: "'Need This' is kind of our tropical song on the album, sometimes you got to get away, go down, blow off some steam and let go."
  • Zac Brown Band - OMW CutxCut
    Zac: “'OMW' is about getting a text, sending somebody a text that you’re on your way like you’re really excited to see somebody and can’t wait to get to them.”
  • Zac Brown Band - Someone I Used To Know CutxCut
    'Someone I Used to Know' is about your growth and who you’re becoming, and looking back at your old self, reflecting on who you used to be. It’s about that journey, it sounds familiar as if you’re speaking about someone else, but when you become someone new, you actually are talking about someone else. That’s someone that you used to be.”
  • Zac Brown Band - Me and the Boys in the Band CutxCut
    Zac: "'Me and the Boys in the Band,' that song’s about what our job is to try to take care of the crowd, to try to help them get away and lift the world up off their shoulders. If you got a broken heart and you just need to get away for a good time, I got good news: that’s what me and the boys in the band were born to do."
  • Zac Brown Band - Finish What We Started (feat. Brandi Carlile) CutxCut
    Zac: “'Finish What We Started,' it was a privilege to have Brandi Carlile sing on it. Love her voice, love her, and it’s pretty self-explanatory you just got to listen to it”
  • Zac Brown Band - God Given CutxCut
    Zac: “'God Given' is actually about a naturally beautiful girl that doesn’t require Gucci bags and diamonds and champagne or whatever. If you have class that can’t be bought, I like that in the song because that’s juxtapose, because it sounds like we’re singing about all that being cool but it’s actually about what you got is God given.”
  • Zac Brown Band - Warrior CutxCut
    Zac: "'Warrior' is about what it means to be a warrior. I interviewed Alex Oliver who’s an incredible man, he’s been in the Special Forces for over 21 years. What his journey is, he’s also a wordsmith, and hearing his explanation of what a warrior is. I read a poem that he wrote and wrote the song based on that."
  • Zac Brown Band - Shoofly Pie CutXCut
  • Zac Brown Band - Already On Fire CutxCut
    Zac: "'Already On Fire' is kind of a story song. I wanted this Tarantino kind of rockabilly vibe for it about this little orphan girl that shows up and she grows up and a guy falls in love with her and she just loves to set things on fire. At the end there’s a reveal that the reason she was an orphan is because she had burned her house down. It’s kind of cool, I love that Vincent Price thing they do with ‘Thriller,’ I love the narrator revealing the darkness in the song. It was fun."
  • Zac Brown Band - Leaving Love Behind CutXCut
    Zac: "'Leaving Love Behind,' it says it right there in the title. The hard things you go through, you look back down the road and some time goes by and you realize that might’ve been the best blessing that you could have."
  • Inspiration Behind THE OWL - ZAC BROWN
    “The owl is one of the most spiritual beings on the earth to me, they’re fascinating. They symbolize wisdom, they symbolize foreshadowing. It’s a symbol of power, wisdom and mystery. I’ve always been really drawn to them.”