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  • Tyler Farr - Thank You Truckers
    Tyler - Hey ya’ll it’s Tyler Farr and I just want to give a big shout out and a very big thank you to all the truckers in the country right now. Thank you so much for all ya’ll are doing and that goes for every kind of driver. It don’t matter what you’re delivering, the main thing is that ya’ll are helping out and you’re making this community and this country come together and I appreciate it so much. Thank ya’ll, keep doing that you’re doing and keep continuing to make this country one. Thank you.
  • Only Truck In Town CutXCut
    Tyler: "The first time I heard my new single, 'Only Truck In Town,' was when Jason Aldean had sent it over to me. Jason sent me this song and immediately I flipped out because the first thing in my mind was ‘it’s a hit.’ This is an easy song for everyone to get, a country love song, that rural America and my country fans, country music fans, can very much relate to. After listening down through the songs we had been working on it became very clear that this was the song that Jason very much believed in and I did and then that was it and we just started to run with it."
  • "Only Truck In Town" (New Single)
    Hey y’all, this is Tyler Farr with my new single, “Only Truck In Town.”
  • "Only Truck In Town" (Radio Intro)
  • "Only Truck In Town" (Radio Outro)
    Hi, this is Tyler Farr and that was my brand new single, “Only Truck In Town.”