Tyler Farr || Cover Girl || Toolkit

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  • Tyler Farr - Cover Girl (Cover Artwork) Download
  • Tyler Farr - Cover Girl CuxCut (:15)
    Tyler: Hey y’all, it’s Tyler Farr. My new song “Cover Girl” is talking about something that’s very sensitive, but something that’s very much needed to put out there because it’s going on in society, and I think people need to hear about it. So here it is, my new song “Cover Girl.” I hope you all enjoy.
  • Tyler Farr - Cover Girl CutxCut (:25)
    Tyler: Hey y’all, I’m Tyler Farr. My new song “Cover Girl” is about finding the courage and strength it takes to break away from a very unhealthy situation and finding that freedom that comes with escaping a very abusive relationship. It’s a difficult subject to sing about but it needs to be sang about, and it’s all too real for so many people out there today. I hope you all take a listen, and I hope it helps someone along the way.
  • Cover Girl - Out Now Liner
    Hey y’all it’s Tyler Farr and my new song “Cover Girl” is out now.
  • Cover Girl - Up Next Liner
    Hey this is Tyler Farr and coming up next is my new song “Cover Girl.”
  • Cover Girl - Just Heard Liner
    "Tyler Farr Liners_052021_TOOLK". Released: 2021.