Track45 || Small Town || EP TOOLKIT

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  • Small Town EP - CutxCut
    Ben: We’re from a small town in Mississippi called Meridian and we actually lived there our entire lives until we moved up to Nashville to chase our dream when KK was 15. Jenna: We co-produced the songs on our EP Small Town with Grammy award-winning producer Byron Gallimore. And the songs show a little bit about where we’re from and who we are. KK: It’s really like the first chapter in the story of our lives.
  • Come On In - CutxCut
    Jenna: “Come On In” is a song about taking someone back to your hometown and showing them the people and places that make you who you are. Ben: With lyrics like “calling dinner ‘supper’” and talking about Avril Lavigne posters and *NSYNC posters on the wall, this song really paints a picture that we’re proud of. KK: Yeah. It’s really close to our hearts because we produced it ourselves, we played almost every single instrument on it with Johnny Reno and it really shows you who we are and how we grew up.
  • Me + You - CutxCut
    Ben: “Me + You” is a special one for us. We wrote it with Hunter Phelps and Charlie Handsome. When this idea was first brought up, we knew we had to write it – “nothing adds up like me plus you”- we just knew it was such an amazing idea. For production on it we really tried to draw from “Neon Moon” by Brooks & Dunn. KK: Yeah! What’s pretty cool about this song is that it talks about all the things that add to your life whether it’s your dog or your boyfriend, it’s just about those people that make your life better.
  • Met Me Now - CutxCut
    KK: The ideas for “Met Me Now” actually just came from me being up super late one night. I was all up in my feelings about a past relationship and I was just wondering if I could go back in time and he could meet the me I am now would things have worked out? Or would that have been different? So we had a write with JHart and Jonny Price and I brought the idea in and we ended up writing a song about it. So now I get to relive those sad emotions every time we sing it, which is super fun. Ben: We like to call it our time travel song. KK: It’s like “Back to the Future.” Jenna: KK is Marty McFly