Track45 || Big Dreams || EP TOOLKIT

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  • Met Me Now - CutxCut
    KK: “Met Me Now” actually came from me just being up super late one night. I was all up in my feelings just thinking back on a past relationship and what worked and what didn’t. And I started thinking, if I could go back in time and he could meet the me I am now, maybe things would have worked out or they would have been different. And that’s how the idea for “Met Me Now” came about and we ended up writing a song about it. So now I get to relive those emotions every time we sing it. I like to think of it as musical therapy. So maybe he’ll hear it on the radio someday and he’ll think of me, too.
  • Little Bit More - CutxCut
    Ben: “Little Bit More” is one of our favorite songs to play. It’s got so much energy and we had so much fun writing it with our friend Audra Mae. One of our things that we try to reinforce to ourselves is to be content where we are, but a big part of our personalities is always reaching for more or trying to accomplish more. We move to Nashville when KK was just 15 years old. We’ve always been dream-chasers and go-getters so I think you can really hear that in this song.
  • Come On In - CutxCut
    Ben: “Come On In” is a special song for us. It’s all about taking someone you love back to your hometown and showing them all the things that make you, you. One of my favorite lines in it is talking about having Avril Lavigne posters up on your wall because it makes me think of KK and her posters she had up on her wall growing up. And it’s a special song for us and we hope that when you listen to it, you get to know a little bit more about us.
  • Me Plus You - CutxCut
    Jenna: “Me + You” is a song about things that add to your life that make it better. It could be your friend, your boyfriend, girlfriend, or even your dog.
  • Light Of A Clear Blue Morning - CutxCut
    KK: When you’re going through rough times, music is always one of those things that can lift your spirits. And a song for us was “Light of the Clear Blue Morning” by Dolly Parton. She’s always been such a huge inspiration to us and this song especially we just had on repeat. It got us through some hard times and we just really wanted to get to sing it and put it out there into the world. I think it’s the positivity and the light that people want to hear right now. And it’s called “Light of the Clear Blue Morning.”