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  • Do It Fast - CutxCut
    Tim: “Do It Fast” is probably one of my favorite songs of this EP and it’s about just that— going big (or go home). It’s being the ball of fire at the finish line. I wrote it with my friend David Lee Murphy and Michael Wilshire, paying tribute to my friend Travis Pastrana and one of my hometown heroes from Butte, Montana— Mr. Evil Knievel. So, for all those people that aren’t afraid to go fast, this one is for you.
  • Get Em Up - CutxCut
    Tim: “Get Em Up!” – brand new track I wrote with Micah Wilshire and Erik Dylan. This is a hard hittin’ “rock and roll guitar is back”…sounds like Steve Earle with a Marshall stack, man. It is for the unbridled spirit, the rowdies, the crazy…there’s even a shout out to the Carhartt girls! Check it out!
  • River Kids - CutxCut
    Tim: “River Kids” is a very personal song to my heart. Growing up in Montana, we spent so much time on the Big Hole River, and the Jefferson and Madison and I wanted to capture that essence of my childhood. I wrote it with Michael Wilshire and Eric Dillon. It brings me back home and man, I wish I could be back on that river.
  • Stronger Than You -CutxCut
    Tim: “Stronger Than You” is very acoustic, very rootsy, very real. It’s really a breakup song about a man out there just kind of wandering around looking for something stronger than that girl that left him (or the girl he left). My favorite line is “coming down the mountain, feeling empty as the jar.” I wrote it with Josh Thompson and Brandon Kenny.
  • Cars On Blocks - CutxCut
    Tim: “Cars on Blocks” is another one of my favorites. I’ve been trying to write this song for five years and finally found it with a handful of writers down in South Carolina. It’s about Montana where I grew up. We still have axels on our trailer house and we always have a car on blocks just in case you need parts in the driveway. I’ve got my Uncle Randy on there (he’s a real person), I’ve got my friend Blackfoot Tom on there (another real person). It’s just a real song about growing up in the country.
  • Be A Cowboy - CutxCut
    Tim: “Be a Cowboy” is now the song on CBS in any time you see pro bull riding on television, you'll hear that in the background. It’s paying homage to the cowboy bull rider. I grew up wearing a cowboy hat on a ranch that didn’t have electricity but I don't consider myself the level of cowboy that some of these guys from Montana do so check it out!