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    Hey, this is Sykamore with my new single, “Stay Broke.”
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    Hey, this is Sykamore, and that was my single, “Stay Broke.”
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    Hey, this is Sykamore, and you’re listening to my new single, “Stay Broke.”
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    Sykamore: Writing for this new record coming out, I really embraced the 80s and all of the culture and context that kind of came with that. And one of the visuals I couldn’t really get out of my head when I was making this record was sort of like a John Hughes movie where there’s a high school gym and the kids are all dancing awkwardly, it’s maybe their first slow dance ever, and I wanted a song that could play at that kind of a high school dance and that was sort of how “Stay Broke” was born, essentially. Lyrically I wanted to explore this idea of being very unapologetically in love – for better or for worse – even if it means you’re broken, you would rather just stay broken because that’s just how good it feels. And I feel like that is a very kind of teenage way to look at love a lot of the time. So, yeah, we kind of took this Pretty in Pink reboot approach to the song and made it as cheesy as we needed it to be and it turned out great.