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  • Runaway June - When I Think About Christmas (EP Cover) Download
  • Christmas On The Radio - CutxCut
    Naomi: “Christmas on the Radio” when we first heard that song was an instant classic and we were just so lucky to come across that song and to have it. It’s such a jam and it’s so fun (Natalie) so fun (Naomi)! It’s talking about all the Christmas songs you hear on the radio and how you’re ready to hear Christmas come through the radio. So hope you enjoy it.
  • Sleigh Ride - CutxCut
    "CutxCut_Sleigh-Ride_WITAC_RunawayJune". Released: 2020.
  • O Holy Night - CutxCut
    Natalie: “O Holy Night” is a song that we all were instantly like “We have to do that song!” It’s such a classic, but the way that is has turned out, it surprised me. I don’t know how y’all feel, but it’s like an art piece. I mean it’s a little spooky (Jennifer). It’s almost spooky – that was a lot of that Appalachian feel that we pulled from. And it’s just a whole different version. It is the Runaway June version of “O Holy Night.”
  • When I Think About Christmas - CutxCut
    Jennifer: “When I think about Christmas” is one of our originals and it’s so fun. I actually wrote that with two really good friends, Josh Matheny and Tiffany Goss, and it feels like a song that’s been around for a hundred years. It feels like you’ve heard it before, and like it's belonged on the radio during Christmas. It’s just a kind of nod to the old classic Christmas songs. It sounds like a Willie Nelson (Naomi) kind of Cowboy Christmas (Natalie). I love it! Cowboy Christmas (Jennifer)!”
  • Let It Snow - CutxCut
    Naomi: “Let It Snow” is just another Christmas classic that we all know and love, that we all loved as kids and it just jerks you right back into some of the most precious Christmas moments. And hoping it snows during Christmas time and then if it does … I still always pray for snow (Natalie)… I know, me too! (Jennifer) So we had to put this one on. And also, there are so many other tributes to this song, so we wanted to do our own and we just love it. It sounds like a fireside “Let It Snow” (Jennifer).
  • When I Think About Christmas EP - CutxCut
    Naomi, Jennifer, and Natalie: Hey y’all! We’re Runaway June and our new Christmas EP, When I Think About Christmas has got all of these beautiful mountain Appalachian sounds so we put our own kind of little spin on Christmas music. And we’ve got some fiddle so why not. We have two original songs and some pretty cool classics that I know you’re going to love!
  • Runaway June - "Christmas On The Radio" - Intro Liner
    Hey y’all! We’re Runaway June and this is “Christmas On The Radio.”
  • Runaway June - "Christmas On The Radio" - Outro Liner
    Hey y’all! We’re Runaway June and that was our new song “Christmas On The Radio.”Runaway June.
  • Runaway June - Happy Holiday Liner
    Hey y’all! We’re Runaway June. Wishing you a wonderful holiday and the very best for a happy New Year!