Randy Houser || MAGNOLIA CutXCuts

  • No Stone Unturned
    “No Stone Unturned” was written with brother-in-law, Dallas Davidson and we wrote it after a Thanksgiving trip I had down to Albany, GA and there was just a little story that came up after hanging out one day and he remembered the line that I had said and it was “no stone unturned, no turn unstoned” and wrote it basically about sort of what my life has been, sort of a traveling man. I guess you could say it’s my on the road again. The life that I love is out making music. I didn’t try to write that song, but when I listen to it kind of says that to me. It just underlines that fact that I love being out here playing music. It’s all I’ve ever done and its my old hat, it’s my comfort.
  • What Whiskey Does
    The things that I love about “What Whiskey Does” – the process of writing it was something pretty unique. I wrote it with Keith Gattis and Hilary Lindsey, who actually sang on it. We just kept kicking around that melody and it just sort of started falling out. And one of the things I love about it in particular is it’s kind of a classic melody. But it also has a something, it’s got a retro vibe to it, but it also has a something new about it, feels like something you haven’t heard. And I think that’s the thing that’s most unique about it. And, also it’s really hard to write a whiskey song that hasn’t been written yet, and I think we did that. You know whiskey can do a lot of things to a person, and it can get a lot of things done to a person, too!
  • No Good Place To Cry
    “No Good Place To Cry” was written probably almost ten years ago. I wrote it with my very good buddy and prolific songwriter, Gary Nicholson. I love Gary, he’s a soul man. We’ve written a bunch of songs and that one was just a special one that came out that day. It was more or less, you know those times in my life and those years were a little different than they are now. Things were a little crazy, and little wilder, and probably a whole lot sadder. You know I think that’s just one of those times, reflection. You know I’ve been wanting to put that song, “No Good Place To Cry”, on an album for years and years and I never felt like I was making the album that that song fit on, but this album, Magnolia– like a glove!
  • New Buzz
    “New Buzz” was written by Keith Gattis and myself and Jeff Trott, and mainly Keith Gattis ‘cause he did all the heavy lifting on that one, I’ve got to give that one to him. It’s just about that feeling you have when you’re with somebody new and that kind of takes the place of all the missing pieces, when you’ve been trying to drink or smoke or do all the things you do to get you a little buzz, you know new love will do that to. That’s pretty much what the song is about – it’s just fun, you know.
  • High Time
    “High Time” I wrote with Brice Long, my old buddy that we wrote “Like A Cowboy” together. We’ve written tons of songs together over the years. “High Time” is one of those songs, I just love the groove of it. Pretty much the song is just about kicking back after work, doing what you do at home, whatever it is that relaxes you. For me you know I got my smoker going right now, going fishing, something like that. You know chilling on the back porch back here. That’s what I love to do. It’s so funny, “High Time” is really laying low time, is what it’s about. Yeah, that’s what “High Time” is. It’s fun.
  • Mamma Don’t Know
    “Mamma Don’t Know” I don’t know if it has a potential to ever be like a single or anything, but I love it I think it does, and it’s just a silly song written sort of around you know my blues roots and kind of written that way with a slide guitar. You kind of get that vibe that it’s the girl that goes out dressed in one outfit and kind of takes it off and she’s got something else on underneath that she likes to wear the rest of the night. You know, its kind of that game they used to play in school where they’d do that kind of thing, keep their dad from knocking the out of them!