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  • "One Big Country Song" - CXC
    PB - Man I tell you what, talk about bringing people together, this is the one. CL - Probably my favorite song to sing in this set other than "I Love This Life." PB - Everybody starts singing after the first chorus at the first time they've ever heard it. It's crazy. CL - Here we go saving the world. PB - Come on!
  • "How Much Time You Got" - CXC
    PB - Well, I tell you what, this song came in at the last second from Rhett Akins. CL - Yes. He speaks our language. PB - And uh Man he speaks every country listeners language. CL - Yeah PB - Uh and and this song he captured it to a tee. CL - How much time you got?
  • "How Much Time You Got" - CXC, v.2
    PB - Hey! You got 3 minutes? CL - I don't know. How much time you got? PB - There it is. Check it out.
  • "Brothers" - CXC
    PB - Alright. So here's the title track to our album, "Brothers". CL - Bringing everybody together. That's what we do. We're not blood related. A lot for people think we are but um we are brothers. We fight like brothers. We live like brothers. We love like brothers. And uh everybody, I know it's cliche. It's brothers and sisters but that's what this song's about.
  • "Summer in A Truck" - CXC
    PB - "Summer In A Truck" CL - Hey. You know how it is rolling around in your truck. PB - I mean this song CL - You roll down the windows. PB - Yeah Cl - If you have a moon roof or if you got a redneck moon roof and you put it in yourself. PB - Guess who it is again? Rhett...Rhett Akins CL - Rhett writes this stuff,man. "Summer In A Truck." Check it out, ya'll. Jam it!
  • "God Thing" - CXC
    PB - "God Thing" CL - Isn't it a God thing? PB - I'll tell you what CL - It's a God thing we're here right now PB - It's a God thing that we got "God Thing" on our album. CL - It's a God thing itself for you to say that. PB - I'll tell you what. This song came in at the last second, uh, from Russell Dickerson and um actually we had the song in our hands and we were set to record it. And then Russell decided he was going to record it and put it on his album. And then after we, uh, finished our album and turned it in, Russell calls at the last second and says, " Guys, we didn't cut God Thing. We think it's all you guys. Like it should be LoCash." And we're like it's too late. We've already turned our album in. So we went back to Broken Bow/Wheelhouse and uh our new label was like "Let's cut it." It was a God thing. It worked out and it made the album.
  • "It's Only Midnight" - CXC
    CL - Aww man. This song came to us, uh, this is our romantic song off the album. It's called "It's Only Midnight" and there's so many times where everybody thinks "Oh it's midnight. It's bedtime." PB - I always say in a deep voice, I'm like "it's only midnight." Both - laughing/joking PB - Welcome to late night radio. It's only midnight. CL - But uh check it out man. You know the party is just getting started at midnight. So, here it is, for you lovely couples.
  • "Feels Like A Party" - CXC
    CL - "Feels Like A Party." Well ya'll know what this song sounds like. PB - I"ll tell you what, get your hands up side to side.
  • "Secret Weapon" - CXC
    CL - "Secret Weapon", This is uh PB - Could this be our secret weapon on this album? CL - It's the secret weapon on the album. PB - I mean we're talking about a girl in the song but CL - Right. She's the secret weapon but this is the song that's the secret weapon on our album because it is so different from everything else. PB - I always feel like and forget, I don't know. I'm just going to say this. This is like our Maroon 5 went country. I don't know or or country went Maroon 5. CL - That sounds like a weapon PB - Sounds like a secret weapon CL - Sure does. Check it out.
  • "Cold Beer Kinda Night" - CXC
    PB - "Cold Beer Kinda Night" CL - Well that sounds exactly like it's title too "Cold Beer Kinda Night." Man it's just one of those days where it doesn't have to be night to drink beer but PB - Man you just crack open a cold one around the fire and just uh have one of those relaxing evenings. CL - Baseball games. Football game. Netflix. PB - Yeah. Cold beer kinda night.
  • "Kissing A Girl" - CXC
    PB - Kissing a girl goodnight. CL - Man this song, uh, really is. When we heard this, this is one of the first songs we heard on this album that was pitched to us that we wanted to record. And this song is the most meaningful on the album because you know obviously. You meet your girl and you start out and you wish you had everything but you're going to treat her like gold even though you don't have gold and uh, then at the end you end up having a little baby girl.You're kissing her at the end of the night. PB - It's a tearjerker. CL -It's a beautiful story. It's very positive though. Check it out. Here it is.
  • "Beers to Catch Up On" - CXC
    PB - "Beers to Catch Up On" CL - "You know a lot of people say that we have a lot of beer songs, but this song is beer, but it's a serious beer song! Everybody has that friend that you always go back to man, you can go three, four years without talking to them, and then when you see each other again, it's just like riding a bike. Your friendship stands out." PB - "And it's the whole thing. We've got years to catch up on, and beers to catch up on. And it's so clever. It's Rhett Akins again, and I tell you what. We were fortunate to get a handful of his songs on this album. 'Beers to Catch Up On' is one that we've had on hold for almost two years now, so we're excited to let the world hear this."
    Hey y’all it’s LOCASH and that was ....
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    Hey y’all it’s LOCASH and here’s the title track to our brand new album, Brothers
    Hey y’all it’s LOCASH and here’s our brand new song “One Big Country Song” off our brand new album Brothers
    What’s up y’all it’s LOCASH and hereis “Beers to Catch Up On” off our brand new album Brothers
    Hey y’allit’s LOCASH and “It’s Only Midnight” is our new song off ourbrand new album Brothers
    Heyeverybodyit’s LOCASH and this is “Kissing A Girl” off our brand new album Brothers
    Heyy’allit’s LOCASH and here comes oursong “Feels Like a Party” off of our brand new album Brothers
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    Hey what’s up it’s LOCASH and here comes another song off our album Brothers