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  • heart theory album - cutxcut
    Lindsay: My sophomore album, heart theory, talks about the science of a heart. If theory is the science of music, I really feel that this album is the science of a heart. It’s about all of the little feelings and emotions that we need to go through as human beings on this planet in order to fully get past something, fully take it in and learn from it and reflect on it and then let it go and move on as a whole person ready for the next thing in life.
  • Hits me - cutxcut
    Lindsay: “Hits me” is the first track off my album heart theory. It’s in the stage of shock of the seven stages of grief, that moment when you’re just trying to figure out what’s even happening and the whole point of my record is to have these songs make you want to dance. So, in the feeling of shock, you just are ready to groove.
  • how good - cutxcut
    Lindsay: “how good” is a song in the stage of denial of the seven stages of grief off my album heart theory and it talks about the feeling of when you’re like “Do you know how good I could love you? Do you really know?” When deep down inside it is rooted in that feeling of denial because the relationship is over, but you’re still holding on to those feelings.
  • i don't lovE you - cutxcut
    Lindsay: “i don’t lovE you” is a song in the stage of denial as well as “how good” off of my album heart theory and it’s that moment where you still have feelings. You still look back at a past relationship and know that you have feelings for that person, and I think it’s okay. I think it’s truly okay to look back on memories – good memories – and be like “Wow! That was a good time.” You can still miss something but know that you don’t love him the way you used to.
  • wAnt me back - cutxcut
    Lindsay: “wAnt me back” is a song off my album heart theory that is all about confidence. It’s about reclaiming that inner power that sometimes we lose sight of. Sometimes from things that happen in our lives, past relationships, anytime we go through moments or transformation, it is so important to reclaim that spark within us. And that’s what “wAnt me back” is about.
  • get oveR you - cutxcut
    Lindsay: “get oveR you” is a song that is written about.. sometimes we need to feel a little angry getting over past experiences in our lives and anger is a feeling that I have a really difficult time feeling most of the time, but it is part of the process. It is part of the process of moving through things and letting things go and being able to just be like “Alright. That is not how I feel. This is how I feel.” And when you can truly own up to that feeling and claim it for what it is, you have so much freedom on the other side of it.
  • wrong girl - cutxcut
    Lindsay: “wrong girl” is a song written to another girl. I think sometimes when people listen to this song, they might think it’s about a relationship, which is definitely could apply to that, but I wrote this song directed to another girl. Basically when you’re moving through moments of transformation in your life, you feel so much more pride with who you are and what you’re doing and what you’re saying and all of the sudden you look to the people that are surrounding you in your life and you’re like “You know what, I’m not going to stand for that. This is what I believe, and this is why.” And so “wrong girl” is speaking to your group of friends around you.
  • body language of a breakup - cutxcut
    Lindsay: “body language of a breakup” is one of my favorite moments on this record from a writing perspective because I think it’s just so relatable. I think it is so obvious when you can look at somebody else’s relationship and see.. “Oh, that’s not going to happen.” Or “Wow, they’re so in love!” You can see something from a third perspective so clearly and then when you look in the mirror at your own your situation, your own life, your own relationships, it’s like rocket science immediately. You can’t tell a feeling for a feeling if you were paid a million dollars. So “body language of a breakup” definitely talks about it from two vantage points and you can clearly see when a couple’s breaking up. Why can you see that in yourself?
  • good on you - cutxcut
    Lindsay: “good on you” is a song that talks about that moment of maybe a past relationship, an ex, gets together with somebody else and you see pictures of them, or you hear from a friend and you’re truly happy for them. You’re truly deep down happy for them, but in the same light, you kind of hate how happy you are for them. It’s such a weird feeling and yet it’s all based in that feeling of love for that other person and wanting them to be happy.
  • The oTHEr side - cutxcut
    Lindsay: “The oTHEr side” is a song off of heart theory that makes me want to dance. I love the groove of this song. I love how it has some Motown vibes because I’m just influenced by that music so so much. It talks about finally feeling the relief of being on the other side of something you have tried so hard and so long to get past or to let go or to move forward from. And when you can finally take a breath of fresh air on the other side of that it feels so good.
  • gO to - cutxcut
    Lindsay: “gO to” is a love song. “gO to” is talking about the person you truly want to find. You don’t want to find somebody who’s just going to be a drink on a Friday night. You don’t want to find somebody who’s just going to call you and be like “Hey, how’s it going?” but you want to find that person who’s going to truly go to your heart and go that deeper level, that you know you always romanticize and fantasize to find. But that’s really what we want, I think, you know. When we find that one person that we want to spend the rest of our life with, they’re the one that goes all the way.
  • make you - cutxcut
    Lindsay: “make you” is a song where I talk about my story as a little girl. Up until this point in my life I’ve never really talked about this, but I just felt like this was finally the time for me to share my story. I feel that music has the power to heal and to help other people. I feel like it’s the universal language to bring us all together and I really think that “make you” has the power to do that. I also started own foundation through this song. It’s called the Make You Movement and I’m just so excited in the future how we’re going to grow that.
  • ReadY to love - cutxcut
    Lindsay: “ReadY to love” is the last song on the album heart theory. It is in the feeling of acceptance when you’re truly able to look in the mirror and accept yourself for everything you are and know that you’re finally open and ready to new opportunities. Whether that loves, whether that’s a new job, whether it’s moving somewhere, you’re just finally open to that freedom of “Okay life. Okay world. Whatcha got for me?”