Lainey Wilson || Redneck Hollywood – EP || CutxCut

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  • Straight Up Sideways CutxCut
    Lainey – I wrote “Straight Up Sideways” with Jason Nix, Ried Isbell and Dan Alley. It is my blue collar party anthem and everybody’s gotta have one of those. If you work hard and live for the weekends, then this song was written for you. So put your glass up and let’s get Straight Up Sideways ya’ll!
  • Dirty Looks CutxCut
    Lainey – I wrote “Dirty Looks” with Brent Anderson and Smith Ahnquist. I grew up in a town of about 300 people where we were taught the meaning of hard work and that’s what this song is about. We decided to write a story about a blue collar couple, who can’t keep their hands off of each other and don’t really care who’s watchin.’
  • Things a Man Oughta Know CutxCut
    Lainey – This is Lainey Wilson, “Things a Man Oughta Know” comes from past relationships I’ve had, both good and bad. They’ve showed me how to treat others but also how I want to be treated. It’s a song about having good values and doing people right.
  • LA CutxCut
    Lainey – “LA” was basically inspired from what I like to call a redneck language barrier. I moved to Nashville about 9 years ago in a flagstaff bumper pull camper trailer. When I was introducing myself around town, I’d say I was from “LA.” Everybody thought I was talkin’ about Hollywood, but clearly I was referring to Louisiana