Jimmie Allen || MERCURY LANE CutXCut

  • 1] "American Heartbreaker"
    “American Heartbreaker” for me is a song just about a girl that’s such a good person that no matter where she goes and everyone she meets they gravitate towards her, you know, and they fall in love with her as a person. And it’s like that thing that you love but you can’t have. It’s like Peter Pan, like Wendy couldn’t have him. You know what I mean? And that’s kind of what “American Heartbreaker” is. It’s about that girl you fall in love with, but she’s unattainable.
  • 2] "Make Me Want To"
    So “Make Me Want To”, when writing that song I was like “man how do I do write that, how do I be the cool guy” and kind of write a song about meeting a girl you like and hanging out. So we wrote that about meeting a girl and connecting but, I’m such a hopeless romantic I’m like, “man, I kind of want to dig a little deeper to where the connection is so strong the guys the one that says ‘you know, it might be too soon to say I love you but you’re gonna make me want to’”. So that was the basis behind that song.
  • 3] "Deserve To Be"
    “Deserve To Be” is my jam! So “Deserve To Be” is a song that I wrote about just wanting to take the person that you love anywhere that they want to go. You know they deserve this, if it’s a trip to Paris, if it’s a trip to Mexico, if it’s to Greece, it’s whatever! It’s saying that you’re so important to me you’ve made me such a better person, you deserve anything you want. And that’s really what “Deserve To Be” is about. It’s kind of a, a gift kind of song.
  • 4] "How To Be Single"
    “How To Be Single” I first heard this song, it was pitched to me, I loved it, it was just about a guy that’s tired of the games. He wants to find that one person that’s special to him because he’s tired of meeting new people, tired of doing the same thing “Hi, what’s your name, where are you from”. The same kind of routine stuff you go through that doesn’t always pan out to relationships you know. He’s ready for the next step in his life.
  • 5] "Wait For It"
    “Wait For It” is a song just about just learning to be patient and continue to work hard for what you want and realize that a lot of times things don’t come fast! And anything worth having sometimes takes work. So just enjoy the little moments in life.
  • 6] "High Life"
    First time I heard “High Life” I was like “wow, this is kind of the anthem song I was kind of looking for”. Kind of an all-sing, all-inclusive song about just realizing that where you are in life, whatever your job is, wherever you live, whatever your family is, whatever makes you happy. Your happy circle is a high life – that’s the good life. That’s what people want to be happy. Happiness isn’t found in how much money you have in your bank. Happiness isn’t found in how many countries you’ve visited. Happiness is found in finding people that love you and cherish who you are as a person and find ways to make you better, and that’s the high life.
  • 7] "21"
    “21” is another song that I feel like was pitched to me, written for me, which is so crazy. It kind of paints for me a picture of my small town when I was 21. It reminds me of the good memories of when my grandmother was alive. We’d hang out and go fishing and then just hang out with some buddies. We’d go fishing and go down to the beach bar, ride 4-wheelers, do whatever and just kind of enjoy life! When I was 21 it was one of the happiest times of my life, so everytime I get a chance to sing it it take me back to all those memories of when I was 21.
  • 8] "Underdogs"
    So for me the song “Underdogs” is just about people that have been given up on but didn’t give up on themselves. People that find a way to keep fighting and keep chasing their dream no matter how many people they run up against telling them they should quit. For me, you know, my life and my journey of chasing this career that’s kind of always been where I was, kind of the underdog. More people telling me “no” than “yes”, so that’s one of the reasons I chose “Underdogs”
  • 9] "Like You Do"
    “Like You Do” is a song that says you know, when you find that one person that’s special, nobody will ever look at you the way they do, nobody will ever touch you the way they do. Like when you talk about them, you’ll smile up. You’ll smile just talking about them and light up like you’ve never done before. So for me it’s really about specifically pointing out how that person makes you feel and just talking about things like “Hey nobody will ever do this like you and blabla”. All that stuff!
  • 11] "Boy Gets A Truck"
    So “Boy Gets A Truck” I first heard it on a Keith Urban album, Ripcord. I loved it! I’ve never heard a song about a truck written like that. About, the truck is what gets the girl. And I fell in love with the song and me and my band started performing and I was like “I gotta have it!” You know it was one of those that I fell in love with so I had to record it!
  • 12] "County Lines"
    “County Lines” to me is a song when I first heard it, it was just a feel good song. My interpretation of this song is just about, you know, hanging out with somebody that you love, and no matter even if you go nowhere, you know just being with that person is like taking an adventure.
  • 14] "Warrior"
    So “Warrior” is a song that I wrote, I wanted to write a song about my grandmother and my mom, kind of how strong they were. My grandmother was a strong woman, my mom is a strong woman. You know, confident in who she is and that’s kind of how she raised me and I kind of wanted a song just kind of highlighting their strength and how thankful I am for the way they raised me.
  • 15] "All Tractors Ain't Green"
    “All Tractors Ain’t Green” is a song we wrote – me, Tim Nichols, and Brandon Hood – just about being a black guy in country music. And I just wanted to write a song that only I could sing. A song that was really personal, and for me it was like, you know, I might not fit the stereotypes that society has put around a country music artist, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t grow up a country boy just like everybody else. And also shows that this song about women who get told “that’s a man’s job” or a man that gets told “hey men aren’t supposed to do that, that’s a woman’s job” just saying “you know what, we don’t have to fit into this box that people think we’re supposed to be in.” You can be who you are and be confident in that and just know that All Tractors Ain’t Green!