Jimmie Allen || Bettie James || EP TOOLKIT


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  • Bettie James - EP CutxCut
    Jimmie Allen: "Bettie James—the collaboration EP, I named it after my father who died September 2019 and my grandmother who died in 2014. They’re both two completely different people but super important in my life. My grandma was a quiet, church-going lady who loved her music. She was an usher at church so she would just hang out in the background all the time and just watch people and hang out. She loved music—the Oak Ridge Boys were her favorite group and I was lucky enough to get them on this project. She loved fishing—the first time I ever went was with my grandma and my dad. She just taught me a lot about patience. That’s what fishing is—patience. I applied that to my life, especially during this whole musical journey and waiting for my opportunity. My dad was a small-town country boy—he fished, hunted, loved nothing but Country music, drove a truck, all that cool stuff. But my dad taught me the importance of hard work, he worked hard all of the time. I liked to say I take that from him and apply it to my life. I’m just super excited for everybody to hear Bettie James, my grandmom and dad were super important to me so I’m glad I can honor them with this project. I hope y’all enjoy this project."
  • Good Times Roll - CutxCut
    Jimmie Allen: “Good Times Roll” is a song I wrote with Nelly and my buddy Zack Kale. I’m a truck fan. I’ve got a Ford F-150. We wrote the song about having a good time, taking a road trip through the South with some people in your life and just having a good time.
  • Drunk And I Miss You - CutxCut
    Jimmie Allen: “Drunk and I Miss You” is definitely one of my favorites. When I was trying to think of someone to do this song with, I had a couple people that popped into my head and the more I started thinking, I was like my girl, Mickey Guyton would be cool on this. One, I love her vocals—she’s an amazing talent. I love her as a person as well. But, “Drunk and I Miss You” is fun—it’s a real song and is something that we’ve all felt at some point in our life. Hope you dig it!
  • Made For These - CutxCut
    Jimmie Allen: “Made for These” I wrote this with my buddy Rob, and our friend, Riley when I was in LA. I was thinking about my musical journey over the past 10 years and how a lot of the struggles I had in the beginning helped prepare me for where I am now. When thinking of a person to sing this song, Tim McGraw immediately popped into my head first. So, I shot Tim a text, he said ‘yes’ and we made this song in the hope that it touches somebody else.
  • Freedom Was A Highway - CutxCut
    Jimmie Allen: “Freedom Was a Highway” — that’s a fun tune! I wrote this with Ash Bowers and Matt Rogers. This song just takes me back to being a kid in Delaware, when the hardest decisions you had to make was what outfit you were going to wear that day and what cereal you wanted in the morning. When you got your license and got on the open road— it was a good time! I did this song with my buddy, Brad Paisley—and he kills it! I love it—hopefully you guys love it too.
  • Why Things Happen - CutxCut
    Jimmie Allen: “Why Things Happen” — I have two artists on this song that are on my Mount Rushmore of favorite artists of all time and that’s Darius Rucker and Charley Pride—I’m so excited they’re a part of this. I wrote this song with my base player, Tate Howell, Carey Barlow and Brandon Day. We wrote it the day after Kobe Bryant died. This song is about questioning life sometimes and things that happen without any understanding. I feel like it’s healthy to question things, we’re always going to have questions.
  • When This Is Over - CutxCut
    Jimmie Allen: "When This Is Over" — The first time I heard this song, I loved it. It is about this whole quarantine thing and how there were a lot of things we took for granted that I don’t think we were going to anymore. I have my friend Rita Wilson on here, my friend, Tauren Wells and the legendary Oak Ridge Boys on here. The Oak Ridge Boys were my grandma’s favorite group ever and I’m so excited to have them on this song—this song means a lot to me. Hopefully this song will touch someone, somewhere and that y’all enjoy it.
  • This Is Us - CutxCut
    Jimmie Allen: “This Is Us” is definitely a fun song to sing live. To me, it’s about a couple that kind of grew up together, they got older, they got together… they were together, then not together, they had their baggage, then they didn’t have their baggage—just kind of just the whole experience of life with each other with their own ups and downs whilst still trying to figure out their relationship.