Jason Aldean || REARVIEW TOWN CutXCut

  • 1] "Dirt To Dust"
    And we’ve got “Dirt To Dust” which is one of the tempo rockers from the record. Kind of one of those songs about cutting lose on the weekend with some friends, having a good time, partying a little bit which is one of my favorite things to do so crank it up “Dirt To Dust”
  • 2] "Set It Off"
    Up next we’ve got “Set It Off” which to me is just a really cool song. The verses kind of have this really sort of different melody going on and then when the chorus kicks in it’s just this big sort of jamming chorus that has this big guitar solo that’s probably my favorite solo on the record. Just a fun song, one of those that I think you could crank up and roll the windows down and also could be really fun for us to play at our show so I’m excited about it.
  • 3] "Girl Like You"
    We’re talking about “Girl Like You” right now. To me this is one of the songs that I felt like really sort of defined the direction of the album so when we cut the song, I don’t know I just had some really cool vocal things going on in the song that were sort of background voices going on that were really cool. It was just a different sounding song and then when the chorus kicked in, it sort of becomes a little bit of a rock song. Lyrically I thought the song was great and one of those songs that I definitely think is a single for us off this record and one that I’m excited to go out and play.
  • 4] You Make It Easy
    “You Make It Easy” it a song that to me is one of the coolest songs on the record. I sort of gave me a chance to show people a side of my influences in the kind of music that I grew up on that I really haven’t done before. It’s got a little bit of a bluesier side to the song which is something that I haven’t done a ton of over the years on my albums but was a huge influence for me coming up. This was the first single from the record and just really kind of got the album off and running in a good way. Definitely has been a big song for us so thank you guys.
  • 5] "Gettin' Warmed Up"
    “Warmed Up”, “Gettin’ Warmed Up” actually and so this song to me does exactly what it says. It’s sort of a song that we can play at the beginning of the show that really kind of gets us a little warmed up and gets the crowed warmed up. I don’t know I was hooked from the first guitar riff right off the top of the song. Just kind of had this big, gnarly guitar riff that I knew was going to be a lot of fun. It was going to be a rock song a little bit and big guitars and it was going to be a driving song and I think songs like that are a lot of fun to have on the record but even more fun for us to play live.
  • 6] "Black Top Gone"
    “Blacktop Gone” is a song that was written by Josh Thompson who had written “Any Ol Barstool” for us. He wrote a couple songs on this record “Drowns The Whiskey” some of those songs. To me this is just kind of a driving song. I love finding up tempo songs for the album and I think it really kind of helps to balance the record out. We had some really great mids and ballads on this record and obviously to balance that out you need some tempos and this was one of my favorites from the record. It’s kind of a driving song that kind of has that free spirit feel about it I think. Talking about a guy that can’t stay in one place for very long so it’ cool I really love it. One of my favorite up tempos from the record.
  • 7] "Drowns The Whiskey"
    “Drowns The Whiskey” is probably the country-est song on the record but I love songs like this. I called my friend Miranda Lambert to come in and help me sing on this one. We had actually done a song before on an album I had called Relentless and the song was called “Grown Woman” and I just always thought out voices sounded really well together. So, I’ve been wanting to do something with her recently and I called her up and I thought this would be a perfect song. She came in and took what I thought was a great song and took it to another level so this is country but it’s really cool and definitely one of my favorite songs.
  • "Rearview Town" - CutXCut
    “Rearview Town” is the name of the album, title track from the record, and I wanted to name it that because I just felt like it was a really cool title and a way to sort of sum up my career and sort of personal life over the years where you’re sort of like you’re looking forward, you’re looking down the road to better things. You’re sort of putting all the hard things behind you and looking down the road to something better. I just felt like it was a fitting title for the album and also one of my favorite songs on this record. Really dark, mysterious, but really cool and had a really cool vibe to it, one of my favorites on the album.
  • 9] "Love Me Or Don't"
    And we’re talking about “Love Me Or Don’t”. To me this was a song that was co-written by Tyler Hubbard. There’s where I got the song from, he pitched it to us. For me this was a song that was kind of like stepping outside of my comfort zone a little bit. Typically, not the kind of melodies and things like that I typically would sing but there was something cool about the song that I really liked. It was different. It was different than anything else we had on the record. That’s kind of what we were going for. The vibe for this whole record was trying to find songs that were a little off the wall and I felt like this was a little off the wall for me. Ended up turning out, once we got into the studio and cut it the way we cut it obviously it sounded a lot more like us. Really cool song, glad we cut it and thanks for the FGL guys for sending it our way.
  • 10] "Like You Were Mine"
    “Like You Were Mine” is a song that’s again really different. The verses sort of have this kind of rap thing going on in the verse a little bit but it’s a little distorted and funky. There’ some auto tuning stuff going on in there. Then the chorus hits and it’s like this sort of country rock chorus that’s pretty straight ahead. It’s really cool. I think the dynamic of this song is really interesting because it goes from one extreme to the other. Just a really different sounding song. A couple of the guys in my band actually were songwriters on this song. It’s really cool when we cut songs that sort of come from our camp and turn out like this one did.
  • 11] "Better At Being Who I Am"
    “Better At Being Who I Am” I would venture to say is probably the most well-written song I’ve ever recorded. Neil Thrasher who has written a ton of stuff for us over the years was one of the writers on the song and man I just felt like this song just told a really great story. It sort of paints a picture of a guy that has been with somebody and he’s a little out of his league and he realizes he’s out of his league he has kind of pretended to be someone he wasn’t. Man, the first time I heard this song I feel in love with it and I just thought it was a really, really great song. There’s songs that I like and then there’s songs that I feel like are really well written and well done and this was definitely one of those songs and it’s pretty unbelievable, it turned out great.
  • 12] "I'll Wait For You"
    “I’ll Wait For You” is a song that is different. This is a song that kind of has this driving tempo thing going on through the whole song but it sort of tells the story of a guy who loves this girl and will wait on her as long as it takes. Throughout the song it really kind of paints the pictures of everything that’s going on. I love songs like that that really paint the picture when they’re telling a story so you can visually see everything that’s going on. “I’ll Wait For You” was actually I think one of the last songs we cut for the record but one that really sort of helped wrap the record for us and complete it because it was a cool thing that we really didn’t have on the record that really helped to complete it.
  • 13] "Ride All Night"
    “Ride All Night” is a song that’s just a lot of fun. I mean it kind of has this really, sort of slinky, sexy feel to it – somewhat, kind of in the vein of “Burnin’ It Down” but it’s probably, lyrically is a little more fun than that. You know where “Burnin’ It Down” was a little more serious this is a little more fun. Kind of reminds me of somewhere between “Burnin’ It Down” and “Big Green Tractor”. But just a cool song. It sort of, definitely has a cool sound to it. The melody and the verses and things like that are really different and odd. I think this song really kind of stands out among the rest of the songs on the record, where when you hear this song you know exactly what it is. But it’s kind of like a country boys “Burnin’ It Down”.
  • 14] "Up In Smoke"
    “Up In Smoke” was one of the first songs we cut for this record. Again, one of those songs that really sort of helped to shape the record and where we wanted to with it. This demo had a ton of guitars on it, a ton of stacked vocals and just had this really cool sound to it that we really dug. We really tried to go in and cop some of that stuff that we heard because it just made the song seem really cool and gave it this sort of fun sound to it. This is one of those song written by David Lee Murphy who’s written a ton of stuff for us over the years and it’s got a little attitude, a little energy to it that I really think helped us set the tone for where we wanted to go with the album and kind of gave us one of those somewhat of a tempo right off the bat. It’s not really a true tempo but it kind of gave us a song that had some energy to it right off the bat with the first couple songs we recorded.
  • 15] "High Noon Neon"
    “High Noon Neon” is maybe the coolest title on the whole record. I love that title. Before I even heard the song, I loved the title. That’s why we named the tour the High Noon Neon Tour. This is a song that I really didn’t know when I heard the title where the song was headed. You dig into the song and it’s like this guy is going through a rough time with his girl and he’s in the bar at noon drinking by himself. His car is the only one in the parking lot and I know a lot of people can probably relate to that song. It was just really well written and typical Neil Thrasher fashion, he paints a really good picture of songs. You can sort of almost see the guy sitting there and the smoke coming off his cigarette and the girl and what she’s doing and I love songs like that. Those tend to draw me in really, really quick and this was one of those songs.