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  • This Bar Don't Work Anymore - CutxCut
    Jason: “This Bar Don’t Work Anymore." This was a song, another song, that was written by John Morgan, Kurt and Tully from my band. Something that was really different, I heard this thing, and they played it for me at my house one day, and it just sounded like this, I don’t know, kind of almost like California Country vibe to it, unlike anything we had for the record, we didn’t have anything that sounded anything like this on the record, but, you know, I just thought it was cool. I was actually, they were playing the song and I had walked to the kitchen, and as the song’s playing I just found myself like drawn to it and I came walking back I’m like, what is that that’s playing, and so we started it over and played it again and it was just one of those, listen to it one time, know we’re gonna cut that, all right, next, what’re we doing next? It didn’t take very many listens, it was just something that we really needed. It was kind of up-tempo, but it was just something that we really needed for the record that we were missing, so it was kind of a no-brainer.
  • After You - CutxCut
    Jason: So, "After You" is a song that was written by Michael Tyler, who had written Got What I Got for us on the previous album, and Girl Like You, he was a writer on that, and sent the song in to us in the process of us cutting, and just it was a different song, it was just a different sound that we had for the record, and just really cleverly written, and just something we kind of needed for the record so we figured it would be a cool one to kind of kick off the album with, and give us something that we were kind of lacking on the record.
  • Over You Again - CutxCut
    Jason: “Over You Again." This is a song that was co-written by a couple of guys in my band and a new artist that we just signed, John Morgan, which all three of those guys were writers on the Carrie duet as well. This was just really cool, I mean those guys kind of got locked in to writing for this album, and just, they just started like writing a bunch of great songs for this record. And so, this is a song they sent, and the girl’s voice that you hear on it is one of the writers, her name is Lydia Vaughan, and she was on the demo, and it sounded so cool in there that when we cut the record, we actually just called her back up and we were like, hey, we need you to come back in and sing on the actual track too, so that’s Lydia that you hear and that was on the demo, which we thought was cool, so we had to add her in on the record.
  • That's What Tequila Does - CutxCut
    Jason: “That’s What Tequila Does." This is one of my favorite songs on the record. Really cool song, and just, I don’t know, it’s got some lines in there that are really cool to me. ‘Going out for one turns in the 2 a.m.’ like, stuff like that, just really, really great lines in this song. And this is a song I feel like could be a hit off this album, and it’s one that I kind of got circled for a possible single down the road, and, you know, I love tequila too so I completely understand what tequila does. And, I don’t know, just a really cool song that I thought we needed for the album, and kind of made that, you know, that first part of the record really, kind of solidified that what was going to be a strong, first release for us.
  • Small Town Small - CutxCut
    Jason: “Small Town Small." This was a song written by Brantley Gilbert. Brantley actually, I was on the way to the studio one day and Brantley texts me and just said he had been writing some songs and wanted to know if he could send me a few things, and I was like yeah. He sent me a few songs and this was one of them. And so, got to the studio, started listening to it, and I was like man, we need this, we need a big sort of aggressive tempo for the record, those are always the hardest songs to find. Brantley’s really good at writing those kinds of things, and so this one kind of came in at a great time, and it was something that we were really lacking that we were having a hard time finding for the album. I feel like I always have a song on each record that’s something town, whether it be "Tattoos on This Town," "Hicktown," "Rearview Town," whatever it is, so maybe this is our town song for this record. But it’s awesome, I love it, and I got a feeling this is going to be one that we’re gonna start playing live here pretty soon.
  • If I Didn't Love You - CutxCut
    Jason: “If I Didn’t Love You." This, obviously, is the Carrie duet. The funny thing about this song was that we were, we had kind of thrown the idea around of trying to find a duet, and the problem with that is, you know, when you’re trying to find songs like that, it doesn’t always work out. I feel like the best ones happen when you’re not expecting it or not looking for it. We were looking for a duet, just couldn’t find it. Kurt and Tully from my band went in with John Morgan and tried to go in and just write something. And so, they went in and just basically said let’s just try to take a stab at writing a duet today, and they wrote this thing and sent it to me like the next day, and were like man, we just wrote it. And every songwriter always says, hey we just wrote a monster song, they always think every song is a monster song, and so when they told me that I was like, all right, well, we’ll see. And they sent it to me, and I heard this thing, and it blew me away. I went in and tracked it a couple days later, did the vocal, sent it to Carrie, I mean all that happened within the span of about a week and a half. It just, the way it happened was so crazy and so not normal. Obviously, you know, it’s been a big hit for us, and, you know, the song to kind of launch the album with.
  • Story For Another Glass - CutxCut
    Jason: “Story For Another Glass" is a song, one of the writers on this is Josh Thompson, who has written a ton of stuff for us. He wrote "Any Old Bar Stool," "Church Pews and Bar Stools," it was all on My Kinda Party record, "Drowns The Whiskey," just a ton of songs for us over the years, but he just has a way of doing these kind of songs, this is like, this is the thing that he does best to me, and the title I thought was really interesting when I read the title before I even heard the song. Once I heard the song, I was completely hooked, it’s just like, man, ya know, got a lot going on, and we can talk about this breakup, we can talk about whatever, actually we can’t talk about the breakup and that’s a story for another day, it’s a story for another glass, you can talk about anything else but that today, and I just thought it was really, really well written, just a typical Josh Thompson very clever lyric, simple. You know, the thing I love about Josh, the way he writes, is it’s really simple, it’s not overdone, but it tells a story in a way that it’s just, it’s really cool. He’s one of my favorite writers in town, has been for a long time, and I just, I loved this song from the first time I heard it, so I just, I knew we had to cut it.
  • Heaven - CutxCut
    Jason: “Heaven." "Heaven," this is, you know the thing about this song, we actually recorded this song years ago, we did a CMT Crossroads Special with Bryan Adams, who I was a fan of for a long time, you know he had Heaven, he had Summer Of ’69, a lot of songs like that that I came up in the clubs covering back in the day, and I had a chance to do a CMT Crossroads with him, I actually became a bigger fan after that, but you know the highlight of that night was, we did Heaven, and the way it went down was we were originally supposed to play this song, I was gonna do a verse/chorus, then Bryan was gonna kind of do a verse/chorus, and it was supposed to be this thing. Well that night, we got on stage and started playing it live, I started the song off and so when it came time for Bryan to come in and kind of do his part, he just looked at me and nodded and was like telling me to keep singing, so he didn’t come in, I ended up singing the whole song basically by myself, and then Bryan was just doing some harmony parts and playing guitar. And, after the show was over, after that episode aired, it just kind of became this big underground sort of thing that, this song that everybody loved and kept asking us to put it on a record, and when were we gonna do this because there was nowhere really to find it. And we played it live for a while, and finally on this record, I’m like man we’re cutting all these songs, we need to cut this song and put it on there finally for these people that have been asking for it for years. And so, we finally cut a version of it and put it on this record just because people had been asking for it for years. Really cool, I love this song. When it came out, I always thought it was just a tremendous song, and I love the fact that I got to play it with Bryan and just kind of how that whole story played out. As soon as Bryan heard this version, he texted me and kind of gave it the thumbs up, which made it that much cooler.
  • The Sad Songs - CutxCut
    Jason: "The Sad Songs." This is another Josh Thompson song that, he just has a way of writing things that are so simple, and just tell a story in such a simple way that’s so cool, not overly done, it’s just lyrically great. Morgan Wallen was actually a co-writer on this song as well. I would assume, I don’t know this for sure, but I would assume that Morgan and Josh were writing, probably for Morgan’s album. You know, had written some stuff, and Morgan obviously couldn’t cut everything, so once Morgan was done with his album, they had a couple of songs they didn’t cut and I think they sent it to us, but it was really cool, just a typical, I don’t know what else to say about Josh other than he’s just a great writer, writes very simple, but it’s so good. All his songs kind of have that same kind of vibe that I always love about it. It’s just never overdone, and never overthought, it’s just, it’s almost like he sits down with a pencil or something and just starts writing out lines and it just, it’s natural, and always really cool, and this is one of those songs.
  • Watching You Love Me - CutxCut
    Jason: “Watching You Love Me" is, Neil Thrasher is one of the writers on this, and the thing about this song I thought was really cool was it allowed me to kind of show a different side of my vocal on this particular record, a little more soulful, and a little bluesier, just with the guitars and just, you know, the lyric and everything is a little more laid back in the pocket. And so, we didn’t really have anything like that on this record, so Neil is one of those guys, to me, one of the best singer/songwriters in town, sent this song and it was just, I don’t know, just so soulful and cool and I just found myself listening to it over, over and over. That to me is always kind of the key of a cool song is when I can’t, myself, get away from the song. You know, I get in my truck, and I always wanna put it in and listen to it or whatever, that’s kind of always when I feel like I’m onto something that could be pretty special, and so this was one of those songs. It just kind of allowed me to show a different side of my vocal that I don’t always do on songs, it happens occasionally, but I love sort of that blues style, real soulful thing, and I love when I get a chance to show that off, so this was one of those songs that allowed me to do that.
  • MACON - Out Now - Liner
    Hey what’s up, this is Jason Aldean, and my new album MACON is out now.
  • MACON - Out Now - Feat - Liner
    Hey what’s up guys, I’m Jason Aldean, and my new album MACON is out now, featuring "If I Didn’t Love You" with Carrie Underwood.