Jason Aldean || 9 || TOOLKIT

CUT x CUTS (with transcriptions)


  • Tatoos and Tequila CutxCut
    Jason: “I think it’s a metaphor for a lot of people’s lives and life in general. You go through life, you experience a lot of highs and lows, you know, you got scars and tattoos are kind of the same thing. You kind of remember every story about every one of them, then there’s those things that you sometimes want to forget. Tequila is a good way to forget somethings sometimes, take it from me.
  • Blame It On You CutxCut
    Jason: “I’ve always said that just because you put out a slower-type song, doesn’t mean that it can’t be edgy, you know what I mean? It’s still like, you can still have some attitude, some edge to it even though it’s kind of a slower song. In a case of ‘Blame It On You,’ man I still think its killer so, you know, let’s see what we can do with it. It may turn out good, it may not but that one turned out great.”
  • Champagne Town CutxCut
    Jason: “I think Champagne Town is that story of somebody being with somebody that probably were a little out of your league. The song says it best, he’s whiskey and she’s champagne. Sometimes it’s just like that in a relationship, you know what I mean? You’re just two different people and it just doesn’t work out. You kind of find yourself sometimes stuck in something like that where it’s like, this doesn’t make sense.”
  • Some Things You Don't Forget CutxCut
    Jason: “This is going to sound horrible when I say this, but I don’t like songs that are real happy. You know what I mean? I don’t know, I like things that are a little more minor chords and things that are a little tougher and a little darker. ‘Some Things You Don’t Forget’ is one of those, it sort of tells a story, I like songs that tell a story and kind of paints a picture for you. There’s certain things, certain people, certain things that no matter what happens you’re just not going to forget them.”
  • Got What I Got CutxCut
    Jason: “We had a lot of success with ‘You Make it Easy’ off the last record. It’s kind of this big love song that made me start thinking a little bit about opening up to the possibility of cutting more songs like that. So, we got this song ‘Got What I Got,’ and I don’t even know if I listened to it all the way through the first time I’m just like “that’s a monster.” I just feel like it is, I think that’s going to be a song that’s going to be a pretty big one on the record.”
  • Keeping It Small Town CutxCut
    Jason: “You know for me, I think I’ll always sort of have that connection to that small-town sort of looking back, nostalgic sort of stuff, I mean that’s where I was raised. I think when you’re raised in an environment like that, all that’s always going to be inside you somewhere. Even now I don’t live in Nashville, I live outside of Nashville in the country a little bit because that’s what I want, I’m not a city guy. So, I think I’ll always be able to relate to that.”
  • Camouflage Hat CutxCut
    Jason: “’Camouflage Hat’ to me is a song that kind of just reminded me of me and all my buddies and stuff that I grew up with. Talking about small town stuff, I can remember myself being in that scenario you know, just can’t wait to get off work on Friday because Friday night and Saturday night that’s what you were living for at that point. It just kind of took me back to living that lifestyle too and I think it paints the picture really well.”
  • Came Here To Drink CutxCut
    Jason: “I started listening to the album and I realized we had quite a few drinking songs, but I feel like the ones we cut are really cool you know: ‘One For The Road,’ ‘I Just Came Here To Drink,’ and ‘Champagne Town.’ I don’t know man it’s country music, country music and drinking just kind of goes hand-in-hand. It’s like cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, they just kind of go together.”
  • We Back CutxCut
    Jason: “To me, this was a song that, I’ve heard people say a lot over the years that they wanted to hear that ‘rock and roll’ side of everything that we do. We haven’t really put out a lot of that stuff in the last couple years. We got this song, and to me it just kind of says what it says, ‘thought we were gone but you’re wrong, now it’s on.’ It’s got like a little bit of attitude to it, it’s not real soft and mushy, it’s kind of tough and so when I heard it, I immediately knew we were going to cut it.”
  • Dirt We Were Raised On CutxCut
    Jason: “Dirt We Were Raised on is another Josh Thompson song. Again, it’s like one of those songs that comes out real tough. Obviously, the story it’s telling is these guys and where they grew up and where they’re from. When you’re from somewhere and you’re proud of that, people tend to talk down on it sometimes if you’re from a small town or you’re from whatever. I think this is one of those songs for those people that are maybe from those towns that people look down on a little bit, but inside their circle it’s the best.
  • I Dont Drink Anymore CutxCut
    Jason: “So ‘I Don’t Drink Anymore’ was written by Neil Thrasher. Obviously, Neil’s a great writer and the way he phrases things is really good. So, I start listening to the song, kind of getting into it and I’m like ‘alright I get where we’re going here, this is cool,’ and then when we got to the hook it’s like ‘I don’t drink anymore but I don’t drink any less,’ I’m like man, that’s really good. I’m stoked about that one I think people really dig it.
  • Cowboy Killer CutxCut
    Jason: “First of all, you see the title and the first thing I thought was a Marlboro Red cigarette. So, I start listening to the song and here what it’s talking about is the girl, she’s killing him. I just thought what a cool way to write that. Those are new writers that are coming into town that have a fresh mindset and write things a little different than some of the guys that have maybe been there for 20 years.”
  • One For The Road CutxCut
    Jason: “’One For The Road,’ another Josh Thompson song, again just sort of the play-on-words of the song, ‘give me one for the road she’s on.’ She’s gone so he’s going to drink one for this reason, one for that reason and one for this reason. Again, I love songs that say things in a way that you’re not really expecting them to get said and those hooks happen and you’re like ‘ah, that’s what that means, got it.’ Those are the songs that get my attention.
  • Talk About Georgia CutxCut
    Jason: “It was actually written by a couple of guys in my band. We were at the end of the record, I think we cut it on the last session. They played it for me and clearly, they threw Georgia in there because they knew that would probably hook me right off the bat. It was just cool man, they never go out of style, those kinds of stories. Love song, heartache songs, they never go out of style. You can kind of do those things over and over and over.”
  • The Same Way CutxCut
    Jason: “Brantley Gilbert wrote ‘The Same Way’ and that was one I couldn’t wait to get in the studio and just see what we did with it. I got the song, and we were going to cut a different song the next day and I went up to Michael my producer and I said ‘hey, scratch that we’re cutting this one.’ It ended up getting in there and it’s one of the better tempos we have on the record for sure.”
  • She Likes It CutxCut
    Jason: “’She Likes It,’ songs like that remind me of my wife, she doesn’t like this, doesn’t like that, she loves this, loves that. Whenever I hear a song like that it makes me think about her, anything like that immediately draws me in. We go in there and see how we can make it sound in the studio and kind of put our stamp on it and it comes out the way it did. I thought that song turned out really cool.”
  • Album CutxCut
    Jason: “I think for us, we made enough albums over the years that I feel like when we’re done with an album, we can listen to it and I know. Like I know, ‘this record’s pretty good,’ or I listen to it and go ‘now that’s a badass record.’ When I listen to the new record, to me, it’s probably the best album I’ve ever made top to bottom. It’s one that I’m really proud of and really excited for people to hear.”