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  • Everette - Kings of the Dairy Queen Parking Lot - Side A (Album Cover) Download
  • Can't Say No - CutxCut
    “Can’t Say No” is a tune that’s a little bit of honkytonk and a little bit of rock & roll. A list of things you can’t say no to and the main one is that person that you just can’t say no to like an addiction. Take a listen. Hope you dig it.
  • Kings Of The Dairy Queen Parking Lot - CutxCut
    The title track “Kings of the Dairy Queen Parking Lot” is a song about that first taste of freedom that I feel like no matter where you’re from, we all had that around 16 or 17 years old where you’re hanging out in your parking lot, maybe doing something a little bit menacing and just hanging out and having a good time. You never forget that time and it sticks with us for a lifetime. I’m sure you’ve got your spot, too. We’d love to hear what yours is.
  • Way Back - CutxCut
    What’s up, everybody? “Way Back” is one of our favorite songs. Man, it was inspired by when you meet that person – at the time you’re strangers – and then you already feel like you’ve known them a lifetime. It was kind of inspired about my wife for me. And that’s how we got started writing this song. Go check it out! “Way Back.”
  • Dang The Whiskey -CutxCut
    What’s up, y’all? “Dang The Whiskey” is a song about maybe having a little bit too much fun on a Friday night and it may or may not be a true story about one of us. Go check it out. Dang the whiskey, man.
  • Love Me Like I Am - CutxCut
    “Love Me Like I Am”… we all hope to the feeling someday to find somebody who loves us exactly the way we are. And we’re lucky that we have two wives that we feel like loves us the way we are. We are very lucky, and we hope you are that lucky, too. Hope you dig the song.
  • Break It To Me - CutxCut
    “Break It To Me” is kind of a unique breakup song where you know it’s coming; you know they’re going to drop you, but you just don’t know how they’re going to do it or when they’re going to do it. Check out “Break It To Me.” Hope you enjoy it.
  • Momma I'll Be Okay - CutxCut
    “Momma I’ll Be Okay” is basically a simple letter to our mothers. In the business of music, you’re running around the country and me and Anthony have had some wild times, but we feel like our mothers raised us right and we wanted to let them know in song. So that’s what this is about. Thanks, mom. This song's for you! Thank you to all the mommas out there. Hope you enjoy this song.