Thought Provoking “What Do I Know” Out Now

The Damascus Acoustic Stories Tour Tickets On Sale HERE

Full of unflinching honesty rooted in compassionate clarity, BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse Records singer/songwriter Elvie Shane delivers his most daring work yet with his forthcoming sophomore album DAMASCUS releasing April 19th, available for pre-order/pre-save/pre-add HERE. With each track stepping into the shoes of another, Shane takes pieces of each character he’s met on his path, melding them into one beautifully woven work. The road to Damascus isn’t a journey one takes lightly, yet the album tells the stories of those often untold, giving each testimony a chance to shine through. Shane co-wrote all songs on the project produced by his frequent collaborator, Oscar Charles.

“I feel like I’ve grown a lot since Backslider. I’ve attained just about everything I ever dreamed of…seen the world and made a living with music. I’ve been on top and back down in the mud,” said Shane.  “In that travel and experience, I’ve paid close attention to people more than anything. I’ve seen a lot of struggle, but in that struggle I found common ground and inspiration. Damascus is a record that aims to pick a fight with what holds people down. Normal every day Blue Collar America…my people. These are not all my stories, but they are all stories I believe to be true. But ‘What do I Know.’”

He’s given listeners a taste of the project with releases of “Baptized,” “Jonesin’” and “Forgotten Man,” with the latter dubbed “an ode to blue-collar workers that exposes the heart-aching realities of the working class” (Billboard), and with his latest track “Pill,” critics praised its gripping honesty as it “further cements Shane as a new voice of the damaged, addicted, and lost in country music” (Rolling Stone).

Building his reputation as an artist “that would do Merle Haggard proud” (Rolling Stone), Elvie Shane reminds us that we’re more alike than different with “What Do I Know,” written by Shane, Oscar Charles, Dan Couch and Jonathan Sherwood. Full of lived-in honesty and fundamental truths, Shane puts his gritty, powerful vocals on display with a mid-tempo version of his classic country-rock sound. Along with the track, Shane shared a moving video for “What Do I Know,” featuring a cameo by John Carter Cash, available to watch HERE.

Fueled by a passion for his fans, Shane is set to hit the road on The Damascus Acoustic Stories Tour, a 10-stop intimate tour starting on 2/1 in Louisville, KY. Tickets are available HERE.

DAMASCUS Track Listing:

  1. Outside Dog – written by Elvie Shane, Oscar Charles, Jonathan Sherwood
  2. What Do I Know – written by Elvie Shane, Oscar Charles, Dan Couch, Jonathan Sherwood
    3. Jonesin’ (feat. Jenna McClelland) – written by Elvie Shane, Oscar Charles, Ryan Tyndell, Jeremy Spillman
    4. Baptized – written by Elvie Shane, Luke Preston, Dan Couch, Oscar Charles
    5. Forgotten Man – written by Elvie Shane, Luke Preston, Dan Couch, Oscar Charles
    6. Pill – written by Elvie Shane, Lee Starr, Nick Columbia
    7. 215634 – written by Elvie Shane, Adam Wood, Ben Chapman8. Appalachian Alchemy – written by Elvie Shane, Luke Preston
    9. First Place (feat. Little Big Town) – written by Elvie Shane, Adam Wood, Dan Couch, Jakob Miller
    10. Winning Horse – written by Elvie Shane, Dan Couch, Oscar Charles
    11. Fan On High – written by Elvie Shane, Driver Williams, Hayes Carll
    12. Chicken Shit – written by Elvie Shane, Jeremy Spillman, Ryan Tyndell, Oscar Charles
    13. Does Heaven Have A Creek written by Elvie Shane

    The Damascus Acoustic Stories TourDates:
    2/1 – Louisville, KY – Mercury Ballroom
    2/2 – Lexington, KY – The Bur
    2/3 – Indianapolis, IN – The Hi-Fi Indy
    2/8 – Chicago, IL – Carol’s Pub
    2/9 – Cincinnati, OH – The Ludlow Garage
    2/10 – Columbus, OH – A&R Music Ba
    2/13 – Knoxville, TN – Open Chord Stage
    2/14 – Decatur, GA – Eddie’s Attic
    2/15 – Greenville, SC – Radio Room
    2/17 – Somerset, KY – The Virginia