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    Craig: "So, the song “The Mask” ironically enough came about long before quarantine. I was out in Colorado and I started writing this song thinking about how difficult it is for some people to get through their daily activities. Whether it be due to heartache, or whatever. For me it was about heartache, and we all have to do things in spite of what we might be having to deal with in our lives, in our personal lives. So sometimes we put on a mask. Now, we literally have to put on that mask, but there are still people in today’s society dealing with this pandemic, who have to put on a mask. I think about our doctors, our first responders, our nurses, who put on that strong front and go out there and maintain a positive attitude. Our military service members on the front lines fighting for our freedoms they put on that strong front so they can get through that day, that’s what the song “The Mask” is really all about."