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  • The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost CutxCut
    Craig: “The Father, My Son, And The Holy Ghost” is one of those songs that I wished I didn't have to write. In fact I tell people I didn't write this, that God wrote this song through me. The reason I wrote and sing this song is because I feel like when people hear this song, especially those that have lost a child, this song gives them hope. Hopefully it'll renew their faith and that's the reason I do this song.
  • Soldier CutxCut
    Craig: “Soldier” is a song that was actually written by Gavin and Joey DeGraw. Two gentlemen who to the best of my knowledge didn’t serve in the military. However, when I heard this song I felt like the lyric truly, more so than anything I'd ever heard, reflected the personality and the character of a soldier. The person who is willing to put themselves in harm's way for the betterment of others. So, it was definitely something that I wanted to sing.
  • Going Out Like This CutxCut
    Craig: I love this song. “Going Out Like This” is a song that I wrote with three of my crew and band guys. They actually started the song without me. I heard them singing it, and man, I just felt like it was something that I really wanted to be a part of. I love it because in today's society we are so quick to give up on a relationship and walk away from it. This song talks about fighting for it and going for it. You know what I mean? All that's happening in our world today, for me it even applies to that. You know, we’re not going out like this. We’re not quitters. We will fight, and I will fight for my relationship and I love that about this song.
  • Whiskey CutxCut
    Craig: I hate the taste of whiskey but I drink it anyway. Oh my gosh, this is a real country song with a great groove. Anthony Smith, I heard him singing it, one of the writers on it, and I knew that I wanted to sing this song. Quite honestly up until the point that I had written “The Father, My Son, And The Holy Ghost”, this was my first pick for first single, so I'm hoping that someday this will be a single for country radio.
  • Sippin' On The Simple Life CutxCut
    Craig: “Sippin’ On The Simple Life...” FUN SONG! In my opinion, this is like the modern day version of “Redneck Yacht Club.” Mike, my guitar player, and I were in Washington, D.C. doing a USO event and there were a couple airborne rangers that I met, spent a few minutes with them at the event. By the end of the event they wanted to write, and so we all sat down, had a few drinks and wrote a song talking about the simple life.
  • God Family And Country CutxCut
    Craig: “God, Family and Country,” I actually titled the album after this cut. This is the song that was an older song that I had written a long time ago. Craig Morris, a friend of mine, a piano player, wrote this with me, and I gotta tell you I really believe that this title and what this song, the content of this song, is truly reflective of all the material in this album, and more so reflective of my life. I live my life for my God, my family and my country.
  • That's What I Love About Sunday CutxCut
    Craig: “That’s What I Love About Sunday...” from the stage every night I sing this song, I say “This is my life!” This is exciting to have this song back on a record again as it was the most played song of the year, the year we came out with it. That's just so humbling to know we had that. And this song still to this day is truly reflective, I believe, of the lifestyle of middle America and is representative of our country lifestyle.
  • My Kind of Woman CutxCut
    Craig: “My Kind Of Women” is just a super sexy song. I wrote it a long time ago. It was a song that I always wanted to have as a single. That's part of the previous cuts that people will be hearing are songs that weren't necessarily singles on radio but I always thought that they would be good singles. It's a great country song talking about our country girls, but there's a lot of class to these women too. I married one of them so I know.
  • Almost Home CutxCut
    Craig: “Almost Home...” I mean, wow, what do I say? One of the more humbling songs I’ve ever been a part of. Wrote this song a long time ago with Kerry Kurt Phillips. One of the unique things about this song is it seems to be extremely timeless. When we’re doing shows now, this song came out in 2003 and I see people in our audience that weren't born in 2003 singing every lyric to this song. I am just so grateful and humbled to have been a part of this and for it to be on this new project as well.
  • A Lotta Man (In That Little Boy) CutxCut
    Craig: “Lotta Man (In That Little Boy).” I wrote this song about my oldest son. But a long time ago I had a very special dog that was just amazing and we loved our dog. He got out of the house one day, ran across the road and he got hit. My son at the time was about nine, I believe, eight or nine. He went out there to try to get the dog and the next door neighbor, a man, came out and was talking to my son; I was on the road touring. My son was getting the dog and the man offered to help and said, “here let me do this” and he said, “no, this is my dad’s dog, he would want me to do it.” When they told me that story I said, “there’s a lot of man in that little boy.” And that’s how this song became what it is today.