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    I’ve had so much fun making The Album in this way, and when I say “this way,” I mean splitting up into parts because it gives each song the amount of time that it deserves. The Album Part I had seven songs. The Album Part II only has four songs, so it’s really easy for people to go check out all four songs. They’re all very different: “Break. Up. Drunk.,” “You,” “Down Home Runs Deep” and “Belong.” Some of them don’t sound at all alike and that’s what I love about The Album Part II and I’m looking forward to getting to The Album Part III as well. But for right now, enjoy – my newest album, The Album Part II.
  • You CutxCut
    “You” is a pretty simple song. It’s a pretty simple title. It’s literally about the girl I was dating at the time and trying to find the happiness that she was giving me in all this other stuff, but at the end of the day you are the only one that can give that to me and that’s what “You” is all about. It’s just the simplicity of the relationship that I had with this girl and the fact that she was the only one that could make me feel the way that I felt.
  • Break. Up. Drunk. CutxCut
    “Break. Up. Drunk., I’d say, is probably one of the most unique songs that I’ve ever put out. Just sonically it’s different than what I do, which we had a lot of fun in the studio on this one – the claps and a bunch of different guitar sounds and stuff like that, especially the acoustic guitar. A lot of people – I know I have – have been in that relationship where you know it’s going nowhere, you know her life is taking her in a different direction and mine’s taking mine in a different direction, but it still sucks. It’s still tough to get through. So you’ve got one night left, might as well make the most of it. If we’re gonna break up, let’s “Break. Up. Drunk.”
  • Down Home Runs Deep CutxCut
    “Down Home Runs Deep,” I’d say, is probably one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever put out. It takes me back to high school. I grew up in a small little town in the mountains of North Carolina and it was just me and my buddies. We thought we ran that town and, in some ways, I guess we kind of did. We ran our little circle anyway – we definitely didn’t run the town, but we thought we did. But man, it just takes me back to high school and the good times we had with my buddies. We were chasing girls, we were driving our trucks and, like I said, we thought we ran that town, but it just takes me back to that time in my life that to be honest it’s one of the best periods of my life and I’d love to go back. And I will go back and see my buddies, for sure, because my “Down Home Runs Deep.”
  • Belong CutxCut
    “Belong” might be the most meaningful song that I’ve ever put out. And I wasn’t actually going to include it on Part II, but the times that everybody’s going through right now with this pandemic and having to stay at home, and being away from other people, and people losing jobs, people losing lives – it’s a very, very tough time and a unique situation that nobody, I don’t think, in this generation or the last generation or the one before it, I’m not sure has ever seen in all of our lifetimes. The moral of the story is we’re right where we belong. Don’t panic. We’re gonna get out of this and the thing is, we’re gonna do it together. My favorite line in the song is “where we’re going we don’t know, but we’re going there together” and that’s the truth, especially for these times right now. Y’all, we’re right where we belong. Hang in there.
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    What’s up y’all, I'm Chase Rice and I have new music out right now. Check out “The Album Part II” available everywhere.
  • The Album Part II Intro
    Hey y'all, Chase Rice here. If you like “The Album Part I” you're gonna love “The Album Part II,” available everywhere now.