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  • The Album - Out Now Liner
    Hey this is Chase Rice and my new album, The Album, is out now!
  • The Album - Liner
    What’s up y’all, this is Chase Rice and my new album, The Album, is out now! Combining Part I and Part II with 4 new songs including “Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen.”
  • American Nights - CutxCut
    Chase: “American Nights” is definitely the most unique song on this album, but to me production-wise and how it’s arranged is definitely the coolest. I really believe that, because musically it’s just something I’ve never done before. It’s got kids singing in it, it’s got an insane percussion part that we’re actually going to implement into our live show, which is going to be sick, and the greatest part of the song to me is the lyric. It’s about diversity. It’s about all these different people going through different things, but at the end of the day, that’s what makes us all Americans and that what makes us all so unique. So “American Nights,” to me, is one of the most special songs on this whole album.
  • Lonely If You Are - CutxCut
    Chase: “Lonely If You Are” is the first song that I put out on The Album Part 1. It’s my first single that’s leading my way into this next part of my career. The Album Part 1, to me, is really the very beginning of my career. You can talk about it really as “Eyes On You,” but The Album Part 1 is the next chapter of my entire career and to me it’s the very beginning, which is really cool and special for a song like “Lonely If You Are” to be starting that off as the first single. I wrote it with Lindsay Rimes and Hunter Phelps, and when you get to that bridge it’s insane live already – and I don’t think it’s even top 30 yet. When you get to that, “let me love the lonely right out of you,” that’s when you know we’ve got something pretty special here.
  • Everywhere - CutxCut
    Chase: “Everywhere,” to me, is the most personal song on this entire album and I’m starting to head that direction with my music. I’m cool with going into my personal life and “Everywhere” is the start of that. It’s about a girl that I dated the last couple years. We had an amazing relationship, had a tough breakup and that’s the way it goes sometimes, but when that happens, usually you’re going to start seeing that person everywhere you go. That’s no different for me, whether I’m in Fenway Park or just driving down the street by my house – I’m like, “man, everywhere I look, everywhere I see her,” so it’s the most personal but to me that makes it pretty special.
  • Best Night Ever - CutxCut
    Chase: “Best Night Ever” paints a really cool picture. I live on a farm in Tennessee and I’ve had some nights out on that farm. I’ve had some amazing nights – the sun’s going down – but every now and then, there’s a special night because there’s somebody there to make it special and that’s the case for this song, “Best Night Ever.” I’ve got this old pole barn over there at the farm that, you know, the song kind of speaks for itself. Yeah, it’s a personal thing to sing about, but that’s what I want The Album Part 1 to be. I want it to be very personal to me, who I am and my experiences, and “Best Night Ever” explains itself pretty perfectly, of literally one of the best nights I’ve ever had on the farm that I live on.
  • Messy - CutxCut
    Chase: “Messy” is the most emotional song that I’ve put out, probably since “Jack Daniel’s and Jesus.” I love the picture that it paints. In life, whether we’re by ourselves or we’re with another person – and especially, usually, when we’re with another person – the messy is going to be brought out. And the beautiful part about that is, when you see somebody else’s messy and they see your messy side, but you still love each other anyway, that’s real life. That’s not Instagram, that’s not the most beautiful picture you’ve ever seen – that’s real life. And when you can appreciate each other for the messed-up parts of each other’s lives and still love each other through it, that’s what “Messy” is all about. That’s why I think it’s the most emotional song on this album, because we’ve all got messy and we’ve all got problems we deal with, but when you have someone to deal with it and help you deal with it through those problems, that’s beautiful.
  • In The Car - CutxCut
    Chase: “In The Car” for me was really about my high school girlfriend and us driving around my small town in North Carolina. We would drive around – we didn’t wanna hang out with our parents, we didn’t wanna do that – we wanted to be by ourselves. You’d try to sneak out and get with your girlfriend in high school. That’s what it was all about. So it was that, going out, driving around with nothing to do… and then at the end of the day, the coolest part for me wasn’t just that; it was the songs that she teed up on the radio with the burnt CD that she made me. That takes me back to 17-year-old Chase for sure.
  • Forever To Go - CutxCut
    Chase: I don’t know if this is true, because I’ve always got a different idea of what my biggest songs are gonna be – I’d say the last one that I was really right with was “Eyes On You” – but I believe that “Forever To Go” could be even bigger than “Eyes On You.” It’s an unbelievable song of a story about this couple, and the pictures it paints are amazing – like Tortuga Music Festival, nobody’s sang about that yet and that’s what this song is talking about, just one of the moments that this couple has lived through. And how they’ve lived this amazing life together so far, they’ve loved it, they’ve had a great time – but at the end of the day, we’ve still got “Forever To Go” and that’s the coolest part about it.
  • You - CutxCut
    Chase: “You” is a pretty simple song. It’s a pretty simple title. It’s literally about the girl I was dating at the time and trying to find the happiness that she was giving me in all this other stuff, but at the end of the day you are the only one that can give that to me and that’s what “You” is all about. It’s just the simplicity of the relationship that I had with this girl and the fact that she was the only one that could make me feel the way that I felt.
  • Break. Up. Drunk. - CutxCut
    Chase: “Break. Up. Drunk.," I’d say, is probably one of the most unique songs that I’ve ever put out. Just sonically it’s different than what I do, which we had a lot of fun in the studio on this one – the claps and a bunch of different guitar sounds and stuff like that, especially the acoustic guitar. A lot of people – I know I have – have been in that relationship where you know it’s going nowhere, you know her life is taking her in a different direction and mine’s taking mine in a different direction, but it still sucks. It’s still tough to get through. So you’ve got one night left, might as well make the most of it. If we’re gonna break up, let’s “Break. Up. Drunk.”
  • Down Home Runs Deep - CutxCut
    Chase: “Down Home Runs Deep,” I’d say, is probably one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever put out. It takes me back to high school. I grew up in a small little town in the mountains of North Carolina and it was just me and my buddies. We thought we ran that town and, in some ways, I guess we kind of did. We ran our little circle anyway – we definitely didn’t run the town, but we thought we did. But man, it just takes me back to high school and the good times we had with my buddies. We were chasing girls, we were driving our trucks and, like I said, we thought we ran that town, but it just takes me back to that time in my life that to be honest it’s one of the best periods of my life and I’d love to go back. And I will go back and see my buddies, for sure, because my “Down Home Runs Deep.”
  • Belong - CutxCut
    Chase: “Belong” might be the most meaningful song that I’ve ever put out. And I wasn’t actually going to include it on Part II, but the times that everybody’s going through right now with this pandemic and having to stay at home, and being away from other people, and people losing jobs, people losing lives – it’s a very, very tough time and a unique situation that nobody, I don’t think, in this generation or the last generation or the one before it, I’m not sure has ever seen in all of our lifetimes. The moral of the story is we’re right where we belong. Don’t panic. We’re gonna get out of this and the thing is, we’re gonna do it together. My favorite line in the song is “where we’re going we don’t know, but we’re going there together” and that’s the truth, especially for these times right now. Y’all, we’re right where we belong. Hang in there.
  • The Nights - CutxCut
    Chase: On Part III, to finalize The Album, the song that starts it is “The Nights.” I wanted to start Part III with that because it was always in my vision to be on the last part of the record. I wrote it two years ago. It was a real story about some stuff that I was going through with a breakup – I mean, we’ve all been through it – and I always pictured this song finalizing The Album because I didn’t want to put it out in the heat of the moment, while her and I were still going through the struggle. I wanted to let that fade away and get through it and then, in a weird way, kind of celebrate how that ended, but mostly celebrate how my life was going to be moving forward. “The Nights” was a real, tough, dark spot that I was in and I wanted to write about it. I’m very glad that it made it on The Album.
  • Bedroom - CutxCut
    Chase: “Bedroom” is actually the first song that I wrote – and one of the only songs that I wrote – in quarantine last year. I did it over Zoom, which I don’t like doing. I’m back to writing in person just because it wasn’t my thing, but we did get a really cool song out of “Bedroom.” For me, it takes me to tour, when you’re away from your woman and you’re grinding. You’re out there doing the work that you need to do, but you’re still missing her. And then the longer that waits, the more fun it usually tends to be when you get home. That’s what “Bedroom” is about.
  • If I Didn't Have You - CutxCut
    Chase: “If I Didn’t Have You” is a song that I wrote in hunting camp in Oklahoma. It was with Jonathan Singleton and Channing Wilson, and I saved it for the night write that we were doing. I wanted to go outside, let the stars be the only light we really had (outside of the porch light) and just write a song about a man being a better version of himself because of the woman that’s in his life. I’ve had multiple relationships where the woman can bring you down; I’ve had multiple relationships where the woman can bring you up – those are the ones you live for. Those are the ones you love. That’s what “If I Didn’t Have You” is about. It’s just about the woman in your life that makes you a better man and makes you realize, “man, I’d be in a much worse place if I didn’t have her.”
  • Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin God. Amen. - CutxCut
    Chase: I actually wrote this song with Cale Dodds, Hunter Phelps and Corey Crowder, who’s FGL’s producer, so he obviously played the song for them and they loved it from the get-go. Brian, Tyler and I used to live in a house together 10 years ago and we wrote a bunch of songs back then, so it’s really cool to be doing music for the first time in 10 years. It’s a really special song.