Rice to Appear on Sirius XM The Highway’s
“Music Row Happy Hour” Ahead of Performance at
Bridgestone Arena Tonight, Oct. 14

“Way Down Yonder” Photo Experience Open to Fans All Day on Bridgestone Plaza

As teased earlier this week by multi-Platinum singer/songwriter Chase Rice, his outlaw anthem “Way Down Yonder” is available everywhere now along with an accompanying Wild West-style music video. Today’s release showcases a rugged new sound previewing Rice’s next musical era, which will be on full display via a forthcoming album. Listen to “Way Down Yonder” HERE and watch the music video HERE.

“When we wrote this song, I had the mountains of North Carolina where I grew up in mind; all the moonshining history there in the Appalachians,” recalls Rice. “Then all of a sudden during the recording process, Rob McNelley started playing this crazy carnival sound on the acoustic… and it got Western quick. That turned it from a song I didn’t think was even going to make the cut for this next album into one of my favorite songs on the project.”

Rice will celebrate the release with an appearance on SiriusXM The Highway’s “Music Row Happy Hour” this afternoon before heading to Bridgestone Arena to kick off the night’s Rock N’ Roll Cowboy tour stop. Fans can also stop by the Bridgestone Plaza all day for a special “Way Down Yonder” time period photo experience – with the chance that Rice himself will make an appearance at the activation during their photoshoot.

The photo experience embodies the Western influence of the song’s official music video, which was shot in a single take as a time period piece at Fort Worth’s Stockyards National Historic District as showcased exclusively by Entertainment Tonight HERE.

Written by Rice together with Hunter Phelps, John Byron, Blake Pendergrass and Corey Crowder during a writing retreat in Florida that also produced recent release “Key West & Colorado,” “Way Down Yonder” is the latest preview of his forthcoming album, painting a vivid picture of hardworking characters living beyond the confines of the law:

        Way down yonder where the outlaws wander

        You can feel that thunder in your bones

        Rippin’ hot rod runners under moonlight cover

        Just some back glass gunners on the road

        Where you buy your bud with your moonshine money

        Make your love where the bees make honey

        When the cut’s where you’re born and raised

       Man it’s in your blood, we were born this way down yonder

The song was recorded along with the rest of the forthcoming project during a two-week period at Rice’s farm outside Nashville, with producer Oscar Charles and a live band using makeshift recording environment to capture a pure, raw style unlike any of his previous studio projects.

The shift in setting suited the set of more vulnerable, personal music from the man Billboard celebrates as “having storytelling details tumble from his lips, his portraits created quickly and efficiently,” with CMT noting, “The vocalist worked day in and day out to find the courage to knock down the wall he had kept up his entire career. Once he demolished the barricade holding him back, he left his heart and soul on the writing table.”

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