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  • Billy Ray Cyrus - "Mama Said Knock You Out" CutxCut
    BRC: I am Billy Ray Cyrus and this is the first track of my new EP is called “Mama Said Knock You Out” If it sounds familiar, it might be to you, LL Cool J put it out a few years ago. I kind of took it out to the Mojave desert and me, Tyler and Jaco found a sound for it. It’s a real fun song that is high energy. Check it out—“Mama Said Knock You Out.”
  • Billy Ray Cyrus - "Ghost Dance" CutxCut
    BRC: Hey, I’m Billy Ray Cyrus and this is a song I wrote with my good buddy/song writing partner Don Von Tress and Michael Joe Sagraves who is an extraordinary guitar player. Both of them have that kind of southern, Muscle Shoals swamp sound just born in them. This a song we wrote about sacred time period here in America. It’s called "Ghost Dance."
  • Billy Ray Cyrus - "99 Single Wide" CutxCut
    BRC: I am Billy Ray Cyrus and this is a song off of the new EP written by my good buddy Casey Beathard. Nobody writes like Casey! When he sent me the song I instantly fell in love with it—I loved the story and I always love that rock and roll groove that he always finds somewhere deep down inside. We did this together. It’s called “99 Single Wide”— crank it up, it’s a great story song.
  • Billy Ray Cyrus - "Holdin On" CutxCut
    BRC: Hey I’m Billy Ray Cyrus, this is a song I wrote with Jaco and Tyler. We produced the album together. This stemmed from one of those moments where we were just rolling, we had a great vibe going and some lyrics came to me and we just started singing about what we were living and living what we were singing. It’s called “Holdin On."
  • Billy Ray Cyrus - Good At Goodbyes" CutxCut
    BRC: I am Billy Ray Cyrus and this song is called “Good At Goodbyes.” Again, I wrote it with Jaco and Tyler very first day that we started recording the album. As I was leaving that day, we were saying goodbye and I said “I’m getting good at goodbyes.” Tyler was holding a banjo they go “hey man, that’s a song!” and I started singing “I’m getting so good, getting good at goodbyes” and boom that song just came. We actually wrote it in the parking lot of the Mojave Desert, hence the name of the EP—there is a lot of Mojave in this record.